All God's Children Early Intervention, PC

"...bettering the tomorrow of our children today..."

A ll God’s Children Early Intervention, PC, is a pediatric private practice that provides speech, language, and feeding services and supports for families and their children with disabilities in the Chattanooga and Cleveland, TN regions.

The development of communication skills begins at birth, and effective communication is fundamental to all aspects of human functioning, particularly learning and social interaction. All God’s Children Early Intervention, PC, addresses delays and impairments in communication, language, speech, emergent literacy, and feeding/swallowing. We provide services in the convenience of the child's residence, childcare center or even their playground, as well as our office.


"In retrospect, as a parent of a 10 year old diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, one of the most important things in his developmental years was how quickly we began intervention and who we entrusted with our son’s care. Many therapists, early educators and pediatricians crossed our paths. A few touched our lives.

One of the most helpless feelings is when your child has difficulty or refuses to eat. Chad Higgs worked with our son’s severe food aversions. His knowledge, patience, reliability, professional yet cheerful demeanor allowed our son to love coming to do something we knew was unpleasant and difficult. I highly recommend his services."

Susan S. - Chattanooga, TN